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No Jailbreak Required!

1.Unlimited Coins
2.Unlimited Crystals

1.Make a backup of your progress by copying the “Library” and “Documents” folder from /var/mobile/applications/PixelPeople/Library and /var/mobile/applications/PixelPeople/Documents to your desktop
the delete the 2 of them from your /PixelPeople/ folder
2.The game will restart from the beginning

1. Close the game from multitasking
2. Download the “Library” file
3. Copy to /var/mobile/applications/PixelPeople/
4. Download the “Documents” file
5. Copy to /var/mobile/applications/PixelPeople/
6. Enjoy!
7. Don’t forget to tap like & share
8. Please help me by clicking the “SKIP AD” button when appear, don’t use any generator for the link

Notes: Read this before hacking
1. Hack Credit : Holmes 5
2. Some user info for the hack:
2.1 This game might be restart when u close it, try to set perm to 777 ((solution : try to do something than close the game (from multitasking), if the game restart, set perm or don’t close them))
2.2 LOG OFF from game center
2.3 TURN OFF iCloud sync
2.4 “An amazing feature of this hack:
If you don’t want to loose your progress JUST PUT THE LIBRARY FOLDER INTO YOUR IFUNBOX, for each time that you enter the game after that you’ll receive 32U.
For more 32U just repeat the process” credit: tiagoVIGIL
2.5 “Delete the “Fetch Manager” file” credit: itamarg30

All 2 Download link >> Hack